Reykjavik Raincoats

At Reykjavik Raincoats we are extremely passionate about raincoats and our goal is to make the perfect raincoat that makes you wish it would rain every day just so you can wear your Reykjavik Raincoat.

Our aim is to carefully construct raincoats in the highest standard and sell them with love to people who care about quality. These coats are for people who have an emotional attachment to the clothes that accompany them through life.

Mix fashion with function. A new generation of old style raincoats, with a strong focus on the perfect fit and a finish of the highest standard. The collection is not only elegant and stylish, but also of the highest quality. 

Our design studio is located in downtown Reykjavik 101 area. This eclectic urban neighbourhood filled with shops, cafes and bars helps foster a creative and collaborative environment.  Our designs certainly owe our surroundings credit; as we get influenced by the rainy and windy city of Reykjavik, offering a considered response to the challenge of urban rain protection. 


All of our raincoats are designed in our Reykjavik Studio and handmade in Europe, approaching all designs with the utmost precision without ever losing eye for detail and always staying close to the original design, in its purest and most aesthetic form. We're talking simple but innovative and stylish. The collection is not only elegant and stylish, but also of the highest quality. All raincoats are hand sewed using laminated materials and because all seams are taped, the coats are truly waterproof.

Hverfisgata 82 on the corner of Vitastígur
101 Reykjavík

Tel:  +354 571 1177

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